We are proud to present the 2021 edition of the Legislative Manual.

Our writers and editors have labored many hours to bring you the

most current and complete work of its kind in New Jersey.

The 2021 edition is notable in that after 27 years, a new owner

and publisher is assuming the mantle. Kimmage Publishing LLC is

proud to continue to offer this volume to better serve civic and

political dialogue and understanding.

Our mission is to provide you with helpful and accurate answers

to questions concerning New Jersey government. We want to be your

primary source of information to the people and places that comprise

the government community.

This has been an especially challenging publishing season for us. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that ravaged this state has

resulted in the shutdown of important offices and businesses

throughout New Jersey. But, it is the loss of over 25,000 of our fellow

citizens who succumbed to the disease, that gives us profound pause.

We thank our subscribers for their patience, and especially thank

those government officials who worked under difficult conditions to

provide information for us. In some instances, where information was

not directly available, we have verified material for this edition

through alternate sources.

It is in the memory of those lost lives and to the hard-working public

servants at all levels of government that we dedicate this year’s


-Peter G. Kane


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